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fashionista125 ([personal profile] fashionista125) wrote on March 3rd, 2011 at 07:28 pm
Silver Ridge Studio Prints
 First I would like to say Amanda (S3 & Me) is home now, still ill but feeling a lot better so I am in the mood for Sims again! And what better way to celebrate than create another set of paintings?

I found the artist called Silverridgestudio @ etsy, and I was seriously blown away by this persons water coloured fashion prints. My name, which I chose like ages ago, is obvuisly inspired by fashion, so prints like these really catch my eyes. There are 17 images included, and all images are by Silverridgestudio.

Image Swatch:

(Package and simspack)

Aikea - For the painting mesg (not needed)
Silverridgestudio - For the images

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