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fashionista125 ([personal profile] fashionista125) wrote on June 2nd, 2011 at 11:31 am
[Megalomania] 16 Bright Prints
I've been playing TS3 a lot more recently since discovering that running in full screen makes the game go incredibly fast; like no CC fast for me! Which is big since I have a ton of CC in my game, that combined with my getting generations tomorrow TS3 has become a lot more enticing, so obviously I was in need of more paintings. I love jackiethepirate's stuff from devianart, not just the Muse stuff though I do love her invincible poster, so I though why not stick them in I did.

I also suppose you could consider these a remake of my admittedly crappy old Muse posters, I'm not going to link but it's like my 3rd post here at Dreamwidth. So there are 16 images in total, all on a mesh by aikea-guinea.

*comes in boht formats

Standard TOU apply

- JACKIEthePIRATE @ Devianart for the awesome images
- [personal profile] aikea_guinea for the mesh @ GOS

On another note, there was meant to be another painting set...but I didn't like how it looked in game so it won't get released until I change it ;)
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