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Hobbies Blog Train

Look, it's another blog train! Hobbies this time (in case you didn't get that from the banner), so whatever your sim classes as a hobby we have something for them! Well...I suppose not all hobbies, but a damn fair few! And for once I haven't just done one thing...I've actually done 3 separate sets of paintings; which is good for me, I normally only do one xD The first set is really the main one with 30 images, the others are more mini sets; one with 3 images the other with 6.

(Got to lov Muse lyric cuts (; )

The first set consits of 30 minimlaistic movie posters. They started off as minimalistic star wars posters, then my googling came up with many different movie posters in this style; and I couldn't pass them up xD I wanted to do move posters for a while, but I didn't want to do plain ones so these are a good style for me...kind xD Doesn't have my normal vintage thing, but it's good to try something new right?


These were going to be my only set, but I could only find 3 images that I could actually settle on; I'm just picky like that xD So there are only three in this set (or should I say mini-set) but these do have my vintage-y flair to them. I'm not really a gaming fan, but these images did look pretty cool and I thought they would look good and fit in with the blog train theme.


The final set, the obligitary Muse part of the train (; So I saw Ninja Unicorn's awesome gig posters but I just had to have a little but more Muse in my life, so I grabbed some gig posters of Flickr, google and and came up with another mini set; but with 6 images this time.


- Artists images I used found through google, flickr &
- Aikea-guinea for the first mesh and Awesims for the mesh used on the last too
- Creators CC I have used in the previews

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