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[Screenager] & [Space Dementia]

An actual upload! Not icons, not a upload! (;

I was sort of on an inspiration slump in many areas, but I adore this type of photography and when I saw some photographs on Etsy, I sort of pushed myself to actually start creating for the game again. 

Image Swatch:

Credit to:
- Aikea-guinea for the mesh
- TCapone for the images
Ok, so I made these for me - being the pwoper Muser I am (; - but I thought I would share. Combining Muse, with my all time favourite poster style of all time; keep calm. So when I saw them on my tumblr dash, I couldn't not make them ingame :3 

Image Swatch:


Credit to:
- Awesims for the mesh
- Maker of the posters (do not know right now)

Other news; school tomorrow, going to hogwarts ofc (;

And in regard to the titles; oh Origin of Symmetry, how I love you <3 I'm talking to an album...I'm going crazy, but I am still oh so very depressed the BBC never showed the full Origin of Symmetry concert at Reading on Sunday, by regret is not going. Yes it hit me hard, I suppose that's the down side of being obsessed as I am with this band xD Though most Musers on tumblr were the not the only one (; 
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These are just Awesome possum Portia!

They are pwoper muse posters! ;)