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Well, I don't know if anyone even reads this thing anymore, but it's highly unlikely.

Either way, I wanted to add closure to this blog. For a good year and a half or so, being part of the community and creating was the most important thing to me. I met so many wonderful people, made so many friends, and I will always be thankful for that. Though quite a few will not even see this, they will know who they are if they read this, I do hope so anyway. It's safe to say I have changed since I've been around, I find this whole deal rather cringey now. Not the sims, not at all, but my blog, the way I acted, the things I posted, and for one this goddamn user-name. Near the end of my time in the sims community, I was desperate to change it, but hey whatever, maybe I'll be remembered as it.

I changed, and I just felt things didn't feel right in the sims community. I lost friends because I started listening to Marilyn Manson, which sounds completely absurd and ridiculous - but it happened. I am also partly to blame, my personality was dreadful. So this is also a sorry to everyone who I may have offended. Hopefully, I have matured, and got a better hold of myself than I had two years ago. 

I haven't posted here in over a year, so I don't expect anyone to read this, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you and goodbye to the sims community, you were all wonderful.

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I've often wondered what happened to you sims-wise but I'm happy to see closure for this blog. I'm sorry to hear (or at least this is what I understand) that you're no longer in the sims community but I will always remember you here fondly. :)
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That's a bummer but some things are not meant to be, or at least not right now! I'm happy to see you round in other places, I think you are pretty awesome. :)