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A Sticky post of some type or form
My TOU are pretty easy and simple to follow so not to confuse anyone:
- No paysites even if they have a free section, this includes TSR
- No exchange it's not that I have something against the exchange but I prefer myself to upload it. You can upload my creations with houses/sims but credit is nice and would be thanked.
- File share friendly you can share my creations on sites such as GOS, DW's, LJ's, MTS. You can share my files (with credit) anywhere except paysites.
- Credit is nice and is thanked - I use other creator's meshes and such in my creations, respect their policy's too!

Hair Retextures:
Unless stated otherwise:
- Mesh Included
- Pooklet's textures (version 3)
- Elders don't have neons
- Naturals will be binned
- Swatches by Pooklet, I will probably forget to credit her so I credit her here.

- Mesh not needed (Sims 3)
- In most cases the images and meshes are not made by me
- Sims3pack and package format included in zip (Sims 3)
Download Archive:

Sims 2:

Hair retextures:

- Unnatural Selection: Anto 82 Pooklet'd in Neons @ GOS
- [Bliss] Anto 82 Pooklet'd in Naturals
- [The Small Print] Peggy 07146 Pooklet'd in Naturals
- [Blackout] Peggy 07146 Pooklet'd in Neons
- [The Wrong Alice] Peggy 06240 Pooklet'd in Naturals
- [Almost a kiss] Newsea Desperate in Pooklet's Naturals
- [Pink Ego Box] Peggy 06240 in Pooklet's Unnaturals

- Simself V.1
- The Martin Sisters
- Victoria [GOS Sim Challenge March]

- Muscle Museum

Sims 3:

- Butterflies and Hurricanes
- Muscle Museum [Converted]
- Billboards for macthekat
- Watercolour Perfume
- Silver Ridge Studio Prints
- Black & White Photography
- Vintage Food And Drink Posters
- SuncatArt Limited Edition Prints
- Muse Posters
- More Vintage Travel Posters
- Disney Inspired Posters
- Keep Calm Gallery
- Keep Calm and Carry On
- Bright Graphic Posters
- Retro M & M
- Framed Retro
- Pearblossom Highway (scroll down)
- Today's Menu (scroll down)
- Vintage Travel Posters
- Teen Music Posters
- Nursery Prints
- Keep Calm Posters
- Hopper Nighthawks

- Hive Modular House
- LemonJelly's house

- Juliet Budworth

I thought it was time I made a sticky post of some type, with my TOU's and download archive. I have downloads posted at GOS where I post as UnderTheTwilight, just so there is no confusion, I am the same person.

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