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fashionista125 ([personal profile] fashionista125) wrote on January 20th, 2011 at 06:43 pm
Vintage Food Posters & Black And White Photography
These two paintings has been sitting in my upload folder since November of last year! To be honest I completely forgot about uploading them until I was browsing my projects folder for another up and coming project (more about that tomorrow) and saw them, I really am so silly sometimes.

I made these on a whim for a modern apartment I was making, I have always been a fan on Black & White photography, so putting it in game was a must! There are 16 images included in this mesh, the frame and photo rim are fully CASTable. Zip includes package and sims3pack formats.

Image Swatch:


(Standard TOU's apply)

I'm sure that most of you that have followed my blog have noticed I have a flair for certain things in the vintage style. When I was searching for images for my 'More Vintage Travel Posters' I came across a fabulous vintage poster site, filled with all sorts of things, including these vintage food and drink posters. There were meant to be released soon after the travel posters were, but moving to dreamwidth and other things made me forget things, but here they are. There are 13 images included in the mesh, the frame and photo rim are fully CASTable, zip includes package and sims3pack formats.

Image swatch:

(Standard TOU's apply)

Aikea-Guinea - for the B&W Poster mesh
Tamo - for the Vintage Food Poster mesh
Many artists on Devian art, and the food poster site for all your hard work on the images!
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