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2011-08-31 05:31 pm
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2011-07-23 09:54 pm

[Futurism] Jkldesign Prints

So a painting upload again today, but I've been in a painting mood recently...there was another set but they didn't look as good as I wanted them to so just the 1 set today ;D

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2011-07-16 11:29 am
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A...non painting upload?

A different upload for a change, not a painting but a sim! One of my RP sims - a new one at that - I uploaded her for Jazzieeee. Anyways, yeah...Marina Oxbridge.

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2011-06-02 11:31 am

[Megalomania] 16 Bright Prints

I've been playing TS3 a lot more recently since discovering that running in full screen makes the game go incredibly fast; like no CC fast for me! Which is big since I have a ton of CC in my game, that combined with my getting generations tomorrow TS3 has become a lot more enticing, so obviously I was in need of more paintings. I love jackiethepirate's stuff from devianart, not just the Muse stuff though I do love her invincible poster, so I though why not stick them in I did.

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2011-05-08 05:40 pm

Blast From The Past Blog Train

So it's time for another blog train. I know I like posted a blog train nearly 2 months ago or whatever...but here is the thrid! No your not blind, I didn't take part in the 2nd, so this is technically the second for me...but officailly it's the thrid. /rambling

Blog train links: Alex Pilgrim, Erica @ Sims3Properties, Fashionista125, Repulsively Desirous Creations, S3&Me, debmac @ BPS, Jenn's Sims Designs, Camille, The Tangled Webby, Whimsimsical, more to come.
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2011-04-13 08:48 pm

[Butterflies and Hurricanes] & [Muscle Museum] - 2 New TS3 Painting Sets

It's been a while since I've uploaded much for th Sims 3, but I like I said to Sam (LemonJelly) I need to get off of my lazy arse and actually make something!

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2011-03-19 06:51 pm

Billboards - For Mac

 A few days ago Mac (the editor of LivingSims) wanted some billboards for a lot she was building, so I did a small set of  8 billboard recolours! She let me use previous ads used in old issues of the magazine. I would like to say a great thank you to Sarai, who took these awesome pictures of the billboards for me!

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2011-03-04 08:42 pm

Watercolour Perfume

Two days, two uploads? I'm on a roll! This time I'm back to the Vintage, it's my true calling, and this time some wonderful watercolour style paintings of vintage perfume bottles!

(PS: Buttercup, you totally tempted me! )
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2011-03-03 07:28 pm

Silver Ridge Studio Prints

 First I would like to say Amanda (S3 & Me) is home now, still ill but feeling a lot better so I am in the mood for Sims again! And what better way to celebrate than create another set of paintings?

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2011-02-26 09:57 am
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Medieval Modern

Medieval and Modern, not typically two styles you would think of putting together, no? Well, normally I wouldn't, but I got a challenge over at Living Sims to build a modern style house, but only with medieval objects, materials, and abilities, and this is what I came up with:

[Pardon the non-existant landscaping, I can't garden *_*]

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2011-02-20 12:52 pm
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Egypt Pic Spam!

I've had WA since Christmas '09, and after I played it a while, the excitement wore off, and adventures weren't so exciting anymore. But recently I've been 're-discovering' it shall I say. I've been playing a lot in Egypt, and I must say, I think I'm in love with Egypt! There are so many great picture opportunities there!

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2011-01-21 05:00 pm

The Five

For a while now I have been working on a cooperative project with 5 other blogs, in what RD calls a 'blog train'. I have really enjoyed this project, and this was the big project I was hinting at yesterday The wonderful RD converted the BV poster from TS2, it has always been a favourite of mine and there always seemed that the best TS2 recolours were bad for that mesh! But not only did she convert the main mesh, she the edited it and made 6 different types, with 4+ styles in each! So you may ask what has this got to do with me? Well, you see RD asked us to do a set of recolours for one of the six different types, I chose to do the vertical ones, and this is what I came up with!

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2011-01-20 06:43 pm

Vintage Food Posters & Black And White Photography

These two paintings has been sitting in my upload folder since November of last year! To be honest I completely forgot about uploading them until I was browsing my projects folder for another up and coming project (more about that tomorrow) and saw them, I really am so silly sometimes.

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2010-12-31 04:44 pm

SuncatArt - Limited Edition Prints

I admit it, I have barely been playing the Sims 3 lately, it's been the Sims 2 which has caught my attention, but I've finally made some more paintings.

This is only a small project as it only has 7 images included, but I thought they were all made really well. I found the images on Etsy by an artist called SuncatArt, who made a series of prints called limited edition. Mesh is by Awesims but not needed for these to show up in-game. Zip includes package and sims3pack format.

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2010-11-09 09:46 pm
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Muse Posters

So, as you may or may not know...I think Muse are the best band ever! I love their's amazing! So as I decorated an apartment for my sim-self, I just HAD to make some Muse posters for it!

There are 11 images all in one mesh, and it is $75 in-game. Mesh is BV Travel Poster Conversion by Tamo @ MTS. Made with TSR Workshop by fashionista125. Please do not re-distribute or claim as own.

Images included in the mesh:


Sims3pack and package formats included