16 September 2011 @ 08:41 pm
Anto #82 in Pooklet's full spectrum  
*a wild TS2 upload appears* (;

I've always loved this hair, it was my first ever retexture a few months back now - but I really felt the textures were just slapped on, and looked far too here I am redoing them all.

So let's just sign it away; )

And time has made the spell abate; )
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18 December 2010 @ 10:34 am
Bye-bye Anto60 retexture  
 Well as you know I was working on retexturing Anto60, but yesterday when I try and load the files in bodyshop they won't basically they just don't work any-more. So the retexture of Anto60 at the moment is shelved, but I am looking for a different hair to retexture...fingers crossed this one will work!
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14 December 2010 @ 08:53 pm
 So since yesterday, I have been working on pookleting the Anto 60 hair, but I have another question for you all:

Do you want neons as well as the natural textures?

Since I am using pooklet's textures I have the choice to do both, but what do you guys think? Oh, and today I figured out how to make the textures a higher quality so they look more nice ;) here are the updated textures:

As you can see they are in the custom category, I am trying to bin them, but it isn't really working...but I will try!

Ok...photobucket is crunching my images :-(

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