17 November 2011 @ 09:39 pm
Anyone like sims RP?  
 Right - so you can probably tell by my blog that I'm pretty much dead in the creating front [I do have some paintings to do but that a different matter] but the reason why is of course sims role play! It's pretty much like normal role play, you make a sim, they're your character and you right as them...been my addiction for going on 6 or so months now - honestly, I'm hooked. It really got me back into playing TS3 too - I was almost verging on switching back to TS2.

But really, the site that really and truly got me into RP was New Helena. And you'll know if you follow my simblr I've made a similar post, but if you're at all interested - you should go check New Helena out! It's such a big site with a range of locations, mosques to pubs, and witches to vampires - they really do quite literally have it all. Ok, I'm gushing but I do that alot, also everyone so nice ahfjdsg met so many lovely people yes, if you are at all interested, go have a poke around and pop in the cbox (:

New Helena
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17 September 2011 @ 09:50 am
I did it again...  
 I made a sims tumblr...I just couldn't help myself :3

[Clickable image is clickable]

[Personal tumblr]

Oh, I can't follow back with my simmer tumblr - so I'll follow via thoughts-ofa-dying atheist :3
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16 July 2011 @ 11:29 am
A...non painting upload?  
A different upload for a change, not a painting but a sim! One of my RP sims - a new one at that - I uploaded her for Jazzieeee. Anyways, yeah...Marina Oxbridge.

I can see it in your eyes, your eyes; )

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20 May 2011 @ 06:10 pm
Anyone like sims RP?  
So yeah, anybody like sims RP? It's recently been my latest obsession; apart from Sims and Muse *of course*. Well really it's not exactly Sims RP, you just have to make a Sim to RP with, there are no picture taking, it's really just like writing a story but with two authors! I discovered this around 2 weeks ago now, been hooked ever since! I started over at Kapuhai Reef *see previous posts for info* but due to some circumstances I now RP at New Helena! And, it really is so fantastic over there! They are so welcoming, there are so many places to RP at...and they have the mafia...which I'm crazy excited about :P I know, I know I sound crazy, but it's all to do with one of my characters Georgina ' Gina' Moretti. She has a history with it, but escaped it all...but being as cruel as I am to my characters I'm making her get involved again with her brother XD Click below the cut to see all my RP characters I have over at New Helena;
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